Geodesignhub Workshop

The Geodesignhub software which we will be using is a digital web-based workflow based on a systems approach. It is designed to support the rapid creation of conceptual designs to address large and complex geodesign problems. It is designed to foster collaboration among professionals and their clients, and among teams of professionals, especially during the early stages of design. It has a simple user interface which uses ubiquitous web technology and communication systems. It easily incorporates existing and diverse data structures for both its inputs and outputs, and it enables users to collaborate in person and/or over the internet in real time to produce designs and assess them.

Our case study site will be the „Parkmeile“ green corridor in the northern part of Munich.

Please read further information about the workshop and necessary preparations in the pdf document you can find here.


Workshop From UAV to DTM and Visualization

This workshop will give a first insight of user-friendly and rich-interface digital tools for 2D and 3D Space Syntax Analysis, free for academic use. Focus will be held on their uses in Landscape Architecture, with samples referring to some classical theoretical and aesthetic concepts of Space Configuration, Visibility and Accessibility Analysis. The software includes DepthSpace3D, whose download (here) prior to the workshop is advisable.



Workshop From UAV to DTM and Visualization

In this workshop, we will have a look at the workflow from data acquisition with UAVs and processing the data to generate orthophotos, DTMs/DSMs, point clouds and mesh objects, to incorporating the data in the design process. Example data was acquired for a student project taking place on the Weihenstephan university campus, and we‘ll see how this data was actually used in the project during the planning process and for informing and visualizing the proposed designs.



Workshop The integration of BIM and GIS

In this workshop, we will focus on the workflow between BIM and GIS environments.

Using a combination of presentations and live demonstrations, participants will have the opportunity to get a closer look into the interoperability of BIM and GIS worlds. Demo data are coming from current project examples of PSU (Prof. Schaller UmweltConsult GmbH), carried out in close cooperation with ESRI.


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