Field trips on Saturday

To bring the conference to a close, we offer 2 field trips on Saturday, June 2, giving you the opportunity to visit beautiful Bavaria.


Option 1: Excursion to parks and open spaces in Munich (half day)

We will visit selected parks in Munich such as "Olympiapark", "Englischer Garten" and others using public transport. Participants can leave the excursion at any time to take a train to the airport if necessary.

Meeting point: 8:30 in front of the railway station in Freising


Olympiapark (Foto: Olympiapark München)

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten (Foto: Spichal)


Option 2: Excursion to the Herrenchiemsee island castle and park (Full day)

Meeting point: 7:50 at the D1 building (Am Staudengarten 1), departure at 8:00, return at 18:00 

Park Herrenchiemsee

Water parterre with Fama and Fortuna fountains (Foto:

In the Seventies of the 19th century top priority was given to copying the palace and gardens of Versailles as an epitome of monarchic splendour by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Besides famous "Neuschwanstein Castle" and "Linderhof", this is another example for making reality the construction of the King's dream worlds.

It was not the intention of Ludwig II, to copy Versailles in detail. The central rooms in the middle section of the palace – of special significance here the imposing show bedroom and the hall of mirrors – sufficed for his slipping into the role of Roi du Soleil.

With regard to the gardens planned by the court gardens director Carl von Effner from 1875 onward, this meant that merely the garden area of the central axis had to be copied in detail. (according to:

Herrenchiemsee is located halfway between Munich and Salzburg as an island in Lake "Chiemsee", which is also called the "Bavarian sea" (with 80 qkm in size the third largest lake in Germany).

Lake Chiemsee (Upper Bavaria, Germany)

Lake Chiemsee (Upper Bavaria, Germany) (Wikimedia Commons,

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